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17 December 2013 @ 10:53 pm
This is a basically a huge catch up post! It includes appearances and endorsements from the ending of November to the beginning of December-ish. I went a bit crazy with the cuts but you get the idea!

It's a meaty post, so I'll keep this short. I've included the girls' most recent appearances/events, a few SNS updates,
new endorsement images and news on Victoria's new drama and whatever else I could squeeze in! Happy browsing~

131212 f(Sulli) - 'Pirates' Open Filming
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131212 f(Luna) - At the "Ghost" Musical Premiere
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131207 f(Luna) - Elvandress Store Opening
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131205 f(Victoria) - Chopard Happy Sport 20th Anniversary Party
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131128 f(Victoria) - Suecomma Bonnie Event in Hong Kong
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131128 f(Sulli) - SKT LTE-A Demonstration (with SNSD's Yoona)
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131122 f(x) - LOVCAT Fansigning Event
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131114 f(Luna) - 2013 Melon Music Awards
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f(x) for FreeStyle Sports
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f(Victoria) for Tony Moly Christmas
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f(Krystal) Adidas #mygirl
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f(Victoria) Shilla Duty Free
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f(x) for Lovcat
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f(Sulli and Krystal) for Etude House
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Victoria cast in new drama "茧镇传奇" ("Cocoon Town Legend")
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"Pirates" Open Filming: Newsen,아시아계제,  TV Report, Wstarnews, MBN Star | Ghost Musical Appearance: dongA, StarN, Wstamews, StarNews, OSEN | Suecomma Bonnie Event: scbonnie | Choppard Happy Sport: mydaily, Asia Today, OSEN, Star News, Dispatch, TV Report, Asia Kyunjae | SKT LTE-A Demonstration (ft YoonA): fx2you | Lovcat Fansigning: Lovcat Blog & Lovcat Facebook | Melon Music Awards: 아시아경재, MBN star, starnews, mydaily | Elvandress Store Opening: Only Luna | FreeStyle Sports: fs2blog, 2, 3 - news.17173 | Tony Moly: TonyMolyPH | Adidas #mygirl: fx2you | Shilla Duty Free: Shilladfs | Lovcat: Lovcat Paris, 2 (Sina) | Etude (in Ceci China): Ceci China via Functionlove | SNS Updates: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 | Victoria's Drama: Yinyuetai (translations by Poga@iheartfx.com | Victoria Filming: zebra_火锅-police |Victoria's Drama (Novel Based) Synopsis: translation by Poga@iheartfx.com | (Please do not edit any fantaken images & take translations out with full credit)
12 December 2013 @ 08:38 pm
Is it worth me trying to revive this place?

Nuabofx Revival?



As a global group, f(x) has earned the love and support of fans from all over the globe. This project aims to show off just how multicultural the f(x) fanbase is and to make this 4th anniversary project that much more unique and special, we are asking f(x) fans to unite and help produce a travel book that explores the many different cultures of our fandom.

There are three different ways of participating in this project and all three are incredibly important.

  • Donations: Without your help this project will not take flight.

  • Locations: It’s all about travel! From the choice of graphic images to the content and subsequent layout, it all takes inspiration from travelling around the world. After all, f(x) is a global group with a global fandom! f(x) has traveled to many different countries, but that doesn't mean they know the best places to explore. What if they came to your hometown? Where should they visit? What is something they cannot miss?

  • Fan Messages: At the end of the book, we will include messages from fans all around the world in cute postcard templates.

You can choose how much or how little you participate. And this project is also open to non-forum members too!

iheartf(x) is very happy and thankful to be collaborating with f(x) Thailand, f(x) Spain, FxSpanishMexico, f(x) Peru, f(x) Chile, VALSK.com, f(x) Malaysia, and fx2you on this project.




Members can click on the "Donate" tab at the top of the forum or use this >> link

Non-members can also make donations via f(x) Thailand, f(x) Spain, FxSpanishMexico, f(x) Peru, f(x) Chile, VALSK.com, f(x) Malaysia, and fx2you

Donations to the 4th Anniversary Project will be used for the "Air f(x)" travel book as well as to purchase other gifts, cake, etc. in collaboration with f(x) fansites.


  • Eating: Maybe you are a food and beef lover like the always food-aholic f(x) - if so, this is a chance to bring out the foodie in you! Where would you take f(x) to eat if they visited your hometown? What food represents your country/village/city?

  • Sightseeing: Do you have a favorite, off-the-road bakery that offers the most delicious selections with the cutest and most quirky decorations? Or maybe it’s the small park only locals know about, filled with gorgeous scenery. Whatever it is, we want for you to tell us about it! Where would you tell f(x) to go if they came to you? Why is this place so special? The more unique the better!


Take a picture (two maximum and as HQ as possible) of the scenery/special point/food and write a blurb on what you like about it. 100 words maximum. All blurbs should be written in either Chinese, English or Korean.

Submission Format






(Example under the spoiler)

[Spoiler (click to open)]

Name/Username: Drfaith101

Country: England

Location: Harry Potter Studio Tours- Watford; England

Image: http://i.imgur.com/KTjR142.jpg

Blurb: The studio tour gives visitors a chance to experience the magic of Harry Potter for themselves.

Whether you take a picture trying out a broom or choose to chill outside the iconic Privet Drive with a chilled glass of Butterbeer, it's a chance to step into a magical world and embrace the craftsmanship behind the franchise.Walking through Hogsmede is surreal and the larger than life Hogwarts model will literally take your breath away! The gift shop is bursting to the brim with merchandise and the sweets are a particular must! Leave your inner muggle behind and visit the tour!

^100 words jsyk!


Nothing inspires more confidence than the support of countless fans! Knowing this, write a message to the girls! Address these messages to f(x) as a whole, please. Leave the name you wish f(x) to see and also the country that you are from. Feel free to conclude the message with “I love f(x)” written in your native language.

We shall include your message in a postcard format in the travel book. We have a choice of four designs you can pick from (can be viewed under the spoiler).

[Spoiler (click to open)]

Let us know which design you would like when you submit your messages! ^^

Maximum of 50 words per message (not including the “I love f(x)” in your own language) and all messages should be written in either Chinese, English or Korean.

Submission Format



Postcard #:


(Example under spoiler)

[Spoiler (click to open)]

Name/Username: Drfaith101

Country: England

Postcard #: 3

Message: HAPPY 4TH ANNIVERSARY! Four years have flown by but thank you for making them so amazing! I hope that we have many more anniversaries to celebrate together! I love f(x)!


Members: You can submit your messages in this thread

Non-members: You can submit your messages by sending them to one of our participating partners or emailing fourth.anniversary@gmail.com


JULY 26TH 2013

28 March 2013 @ 07:36 pm
(Funnyordie took down the YouTube video and their embed code sucks and doesn't work, so just go to the source and watch the video. It's worth the trouble I promise.)

Source: Funny or Die
Pictures: http://nuabofx.livejournal.com/409692.html

SulliCollapse )

KrystalCollapse )
Source: @star1 magazine, scans via fx2you.net
Translation: 0wonhee @ iheartfx.com
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26 March 2013 @ 10:27 pm

"선명언니네 집들이 다녀왔어요~♥♥ 이쁜 아기 고양이와 찰칵!♥♥ 집구경도 하고 선명언니와 맛있는 점심까지!!♥ HAPPY DAY♥"
trans will update later

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Five member girl group f(x)—also known as Victoria, Luna, Krystal, Sulli and Amber—marked a major milestone in their career becoming the first K-pop act to appear at South by Southwest in Austin, TX. The girls, under SM Entertainment (home to Girls' Generation, TVXQ!, SHINee and more), were invited to headline an event sponsored by Korean Creative Content Agency (KOCCA).

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