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f(Sulli) and Minho Chosun Ilbo interview

Chosun Ilbo visited FYIFB fliming site and had an interview with sulli and minho

Q:Why the drama has the comic type of feel?
Minho: The drama is originated from a japanese manga, although the viewership rating is low, but the popularity of this story happened in a male high school of sports, judged from twitter and SNS, it seems like it's popular among the students..

Q:each other weaknesses?
Sulli is a smiling angle~ She always smile and laugh happily even though at the hard and tiring filming site ^^ about sulli's weaknesses.. this kind of thing, can only tell when sulli is not around~ haha!!
Sulli: closed ears and ignore another people's comments, I say based on what I see, no weakness at all, really! (Minho) always say things that we like to listen to, minho oppa is full of energy all the time, and always take care of me.. hehe~

Q: Both of you are from the same company, and even passed the trainee's period together, acting as a couple, and have kiss scene, don't you two feel awkward?
Minho: When I was in junior high school and sulli was in her primary two, we started to take care of each other. At 1st, because we are really close, we were quite worried of the love line filming part, but surprisingly both of us performed very well during the shooting~ It seems like affection increased at the same time when we always praised each other.
Sulli: I show my own self during the filming, but it seems like minho oppa is the opposite of me.. he gave a totally new feeling.
Minho: The kiss scene with sulli was NG-ed 15 times, at 1st the feeling is still good, but after repeating for many times, I felt tremble slowly..
Sulli: I was opposite of him, I felt nervous at the beginning, but I was calmer after that.

Q: The hardest scene?
Minho: The high jump scene in deagu stadium is hard. In the hot summer, was doing the running backwards practice for about one and a half month.
Sulli: For me it's the scene of dropping from the diving platform, it's the part where jaehee is being bullied by her classmate, and pushed down into the swimming pool from the diving platform. Because there's a incident happened when I was small, so I am quite phobia with water. To complete that scene, I used the oxygen tank and tried to practise diving in the water first. I can only stay in the water for 2 seconds at 1st, to help me reduce my phobia, minho oppa always sang with me in the water, or play rock paper scissors with me, so that I can practise happily.

Q: Rating on own acting skill, how many marks will you give yourself out of 100 marks?
Minho: I did not move out of the 1st step as an actor that well, I will give myself 1 mark 1st, I would like to continue to act in the future, and hope to increase the makes and achievement slowly.
Sulli: I will give myself 1 mark as well, because the practice in acting is not ended yet, now is just a beginning.

Q: What is your dream as an actor?
Minho: I would like to be an artor like Jang Dong Gun! I hope that at the same time as I am promoting in Asia as a SHINee's member, I can continue my career in acting handsomely.
Sulli: Athough it's a weird charactor which love deeply and even willing to die for it, but I would like to try to act with this feeling one day.

Q:About chuseok, do you have anything to say?
Minho: The 16 episodes-drama, now only left with filming for the final 2 episodes, we might film the final episode during the chuseok holidays. I celebrated chuseok with family every year, but I can't do it this year, I feel pity of it..
Sulli: I celebrated chuseok with friends, family and relatives at my hometown busan previously, but I can't do it this time..

Q: Finally, anything you would like add on?
Minho & Sulli:
Because of that, we will work even harder to finish the drama shooting.. the hot summer has passed, now it's the cold autumn, to all chosun readers, everyone must be careful not to fall sick.. While eating delicious food with your family, have a happy chuseok too! Our drama, keep supporting it until the last episode! We will appear with a better image as singers and actors next time! Please look forward to it!

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