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active f(x) update community!

Welcome to NuABO, home to the fabulous five also known as F(x)!

Who are they?

Song Qian (Victoria), Amber Liu (Amber),Park Sunyoung (Luna), Choi Jinri (Sulli) and Jung Soojung (Krystal); debuted September 5th 2009 on Music Core with their digital single "LA chA TA". However, it was not until April 29th 2011 that they scored their first music show win with hit single "Pinocchio".
The girls' sixth single
"Electric Shock" was met with much enthusiasm. Having collected a total of 9 wins and over 30 million views on youtube, it has been their most successful promotional cycle to date.

Wanna learn some more?
New or an existing member, check out the profile section for a brief biography of the girls! Head over to the Media Bank for links to subbed variety appearances or one of the girls’ acting gigs.There is something for everyone.

Welcome to NUABOFX
Fandoms can get a little crazy but this is a nice little haven for all your f(x) feels! Don’t be afraid to comment, we love to hear from you all! And I hope you enjoy this community!

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